Smart security and automated technology solutions give you advanced control over your business when you can’t be there in person. At Advantage Security, we develop smart security solutions tailored to the needs of retailers, office spaces, school campuses, healthcare facilities and industrial properties. Smart systems safeguard personnel files, profits and reduce waste by giving business owners remote security access to locks, lights, thermostats and security systems via mobile device or computer.

Smart Locks

Say goodbye to issuing dozens of keys or having personnel get locked out of your facility. Use your smartphone to operate facility locks or grant access to team members, contractors and guests. 


Smart Lights

Prevent break-ins and save on energy with smart wireless lights. Smart lights are programmable and allow automated, hands-free control of lighting in any building, any time of day.


Smart Thermostats

Proper energy management has the potential to save you thousands each year. Advantage Security installs and services smart thermostats that control facility temperatures and allow you to maximize energy efficiency during and after hours.




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