Why Choose Advantage Security?

Our local team provides the best protection in the area. We are dedicated to our customers safety, privacy and security and use the the industry’s most reliable products, ensuring seamless security solutions.

Our high-caliber commercial security systems are designed to work seamlessly with 24-hour remote monitoring equipment. And, with Advantage Security custom commercial security service plans, you can trust that your system is covered long after the warranty has expired. We are vigilant about defending your business against threats of intrusion, environmental risks, and all other aspects of commercial security. Advantage Security installs and services security components tailored to your facility and budget requirements.

Commercial Security System Services

Our security and safety systems are tailored to the needs of your industry and designed around your facility’s unique requirements. Learn about customizable protection for team members, property and assets, or get information about interior and perimeter intrusion alarms, smoke and fire detection and environmental monitoring. Serving small businesses and large-scale enterprise, We  specialize in security consultations, facility inspections, system repairs and reliable equipment that protects your investment and sets your mind at ease. 

Video Surveillance and CCTV Systems

Our product portfolio contains video surveillance and closed circuit television solutions that serve as a deterrent for intruders while providing the video evidence you need to protect your business. And, with real-time monitoring services, our experienced agents keep a trained eye on your facility. 

Access Control Systems

Advantage Security specializes in access control systems for commercial, retail and industrial environments. Screen guests, verify employees or use advanced biometrics to track and manage facility access. 


Environmental Detection Systems

Our high-caliber alarm systems warn business owners and facility managers at the first sign of flooding, smoke or carbon monoxide fumes. Protect your employees and assets from potentially life-threatening risks while reducing the chance of costly facility damage. 


Business Security Monitoring

Your commercial investment is at risk around the clock; during and after business hours. Fortunately, you can rest assured knowing that each of your facilities’ security systems is seamlessly connected to our monitoring station. Intrusions, disturbances, carbon monoxide leaks, flood dangers or fire hazards trigger an alarm that alerts our experienced agents. 

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Advantage Security Commercial Fire Alarm Systems are an intelligent life safety system providing smoke and fire detection, sprinkler supervision, and emergency communications. Professionally installed fire alarm systems monitored by a UL listed monitoring center significantly reduce risks to your business.  Advantage Security offers turnkey fire alarm system design, installation, and monitoring services.    Call us for a free consultation.

Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

As a silent killer, carbon monoxide is a major liability for your business. Every year, 20,000 to 30,000 people in the United States are sickened by accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and approximately 500 people die. Protect employees, guests and tenants with equipment that detects poisonous gas levels—and monitoring services that alert first responders in time to get help. 

Commercial Gas Leak Monitoring

Gas or chemical building leaks are difficult to detect and may quickly result in medical emergencies or fire hazards. Protect your facility with natural gas detectors and 24/7 gas leak monitoring. 

Commercial Flood Monitoring

In our area, some businesses are affected by tornadoes, wind damage, and actual flooding almost annually. Water leaks and storm flooding cause millions in commercial damage each year in the form of profit loss, employee downtime and facility repairs. If water infiltration triggers your flood alarm, you don’t need to be onsite to hear it. Connect water sensors to our 24-hour flood monitoring service and reduce the threat of costly water damage. 

Even if your business is contracted with another security provider, it’s not too late to take advantage of our commercial security systems expertise. Contact the Advantage Security team to request monitoring of new or existing intrusion and environmental detection equipment.


Smart Business Technology

With smart business technology, business owners and facility managers can control security with efficiency and confidence. Set your preferences for door locks, lighting, thermostats and security systems remotely from your mobile device or computer. 

Smart Locks

Say goodbye to issuing dozens of keys or having personnel get locked out of your facility. Use your smartphone to operate facility locks or grant access to team members, contractors and guests. 

Smart Lights

Prevent break-ins and save on energy with smart wireless lights. Smart lights are programmable and allow automated, hands-free control of lighting in any building, any time of day.

Smart Thermostats

Proper energy management has the potential to save you thousands each year. Advantage Security installs and services smart thermostats that control facility temperatures and allow you to maximize energy efficiency during and after hours.






Any Home or Business

We can monitor any alarm system. Whether you have an existing system or not, the switch to Advantage Security is quick and easy!

Professional & Knowledgeable Installers

Our installers will inspect and test your system, so you can relax, knowing your system is reliable.

On-site Risk Assessment

Our installers will tour the site, looking for weaknesses and offer solutions to insure your safety.

System Upgrades

As your needs change, we are available for maintenance, testing and system upgrades, if needed.

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